KOR Taipei New Year’s Eve Party 2018


向努力的 2017 年敬一杯!

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又經過了一整年的辛苦與努力,今年你是否也順利地完成了自己的目標呢?在 2017 年的最後一天,不如就向自己、向身邊的夥伴與家人敬一杯吧!

今年,KOR Taipei 一如既往的準備了你最愛的限時 Premium Open Bar,在 9 點至 11 點的兩個小時內提供你 KOR 的優質烈酒,我們也將陪伴用最華麗的金色氣球與特效陪伴你度過跨年倒數。

如果你也厭倦了在街頭人擠人的堵塞擁擠,不如就選擇在 KOR 與城內最具品質的人們一起享用精緻的調酒、在最對胃口的音樂與氣氛中共度跨年派對!


» 預售票 一人2500元(12/30截止)

» Dress code:正式服裝,女士請穿著洋裝、男士請著西裝外套,我們將嚴格執行此標準。

» 預定包廂請致電 0966-331-033


After a year of hard work, let’s toast to yourself, friends and family and join KOR in ushering the beginning of a great 2018.

On New Year’s Eve, KOR Taipei will host a Premium Open Bar from 9 to 11pm, with special balloon & confetti drop at midnight. Avoid the crowded streets and join us for the best cocktails, venue, and crowd in town.

» Pre-sale tickets: NT$2,500 (limited availability)  (until 12/30!)

» Dress Code: Semi-formal clothing. Ladies please wear a dress and men please wear a suit jacket. Dress code will be strictly enforced.

» Please call us on +886 966-331-033 for ticket reservation and booking information.