KOR – Social SAKE 清酒之夜 ft. KITCHO 吉兆割烹壽司


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KOR Social – SAKE 清酒之夜
Featuring KITCHO – A Michelin Star Restaurant 吉兆割烹壽司 米其林指南一星
07/24/2019 WED 週三 (19:45 – 22:00)

For July’s KOR Social, our host Elroy Tay invites you to indulge with 5 of the most popular Sakes in Japan, from「 KICHIRIKI」, that range from special limited release to the Sake used during Japanese State Banquets. Food pairing will include 5 delicate Japanese bites prepared by Owner & Chef Kyo from「KITCHO」sushi restaurant that received one MICHELIN STAR for two consecutive years.

七月份的 KOR Social,我們的主持人Elroy Tay 邀請您盡情享受5種日本國內最流行的清酒來自 「吉力酒藏,包括多款特別限量版,加上日本首相在國宴中接待外國總統的得獎清酒。搭配清酒的5道精緻小點,將由連續兩年獲得米其林一星的「吉兆割烹壽司」的經營者與廚師「許文杰」量身定做。

Featured Sakes  特色清酒:

  • PHOENIX SPARKLING Junmai Daiginjo 楯野川 SPARKLING 純米大吟醸
  • ROYAL STRAIGHT FLUSH Junmai Daiginjo 山本秋田 純米大吟醸
  • TOYOBIJIN ICHIBANMATO Junmai Daiginjo 東洋美人 壱番纏 純米大吟醸
  • SENKIN NATURE 4 Junmai 仙禽 NATURE 4 純米

Limited Seating – $1800 /guest 人
Dress Code : Smart Casual
服裝規定 : 正式服裝

「KOR Social is a monthly gathering that allows our community to Experience & Enriches themselves with Rare Lifestyle Indulgences」
「KOR Social 是個每月的品味社群聚會,搜羅世界各地稀有的風格嗜好品,邀請你在日復一日的生活中,來場難得的味覺探險」

Attention: All seatings are fixed and cannot be changed on the date of the event. If you wish to be seated with your friends, please leave a note in the comment section when you purchase your tickets or contact us through Facebook. We thank you for your support.