Join us as we experience the world’s most valuable liquor brand, Maotai,
along with some of the most unattainable and highest quality Baijiu – Chinese white spirit.


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KOR Social – BAIJIU feat.「MAOTAI」

“If we drink enough Moutai, we can solve anything” said Henry Kissinger, former U.S. Secretary of State, during Deng Xiaoping’s visit to the US.

For July’s KOR Social, our host, ANGUS ZOU, the world famous award-winning mixologist, invites you to indulge in some of the most unattainable Baijiu, including the iconic Maotai – the national spirit of China – offered to President Barack Obama during a dinner toast by Chairman Xi Jinping.

Featured Baijiu:
KWEICHOW MOUTAI 貴州茅台 – the most valuable spirit brand in the world.
WULIANGYE 五糧液 – the most sought after Chinese spirit made with five organic grains.
KINMEN KAOLIANG 金門高梁 –  the 2016 San Francisco World Spirits Competition “Best Baijiu”.
ERGUOTOU 二鍋頭 – the refined variation of Gaoliang.

Food pairing is prepared by IRENE HU, a famous Taiwanese-Fusion Chef who cooks for private dining events and frequents TV & social media cooking shows.

Taiwanese fusion food pairings with of one of world’s oldest spirits (over 5000 years of history) will lead to one of the more unforgettable KOR Socials yet.

$1800 /guest
Dress Code: Smart Casual

July 11, 2017 (TUE)
Reception 19:45
Event 20:00-21:30

KOR Taipei: 0966-331-033


「KOR Social is a monthly gathering that allows our community to Experience & Enrich themselves with Rare Lifestyle Indulgences.」