KOR Shanghai

KOR is Asia’s answer to sexy and sophisticated socializing. Quieter than a nightclub but loud enough for a night out, KOR redefines the corridors of nightlife as Asia’s first definitive Super Lounge. The A-list experience combines luxury and decadence to offer an alchemy second-to-none—speciality libations and rare liquors—in a high volume lounge that is intensified by the finesse of Asian hospitality and table service.


The experience is delivered in an award-winning venue that features stadium-style seating, a glossy black, white and gold interior design, and an iconic state-of-the-art custom-designed gold-finished sound system by VOID Acoustics. A refined alternative to ubiquitous EDM-fueled nightclubs, KOR evokes intimacy and inspires conversation—but the party-starting sound of a bottle popping is always within earshot.